March 17, 2016, 6:00 pm

Erpnext auto update自动更新;

bench config auto_update on


frappe@cloudvps:~/frappe-bench$ vi config.json 
 "rebase_on_pull": false, /* This is for those who are developing or modifying ERPNext in some sense to keep their changes but also update code updates coming from main repository of ERPNext or Frappe etc. */
 "serve_default_site": true, /* Serve either site1.local or any site under \/frappe-bench\/site\/ directory manually set default site using bench set-default-site command /*
 "restart_supervisor_on_update": true, /* for automatically restarting supervisor worker after each update */
 "auto_update": true, /* for auto update on daily basis */
 "update_bench_on_update": true, /* Auto update bench management tool as well while updating */
 "frappe_user": "frappe", /* Default OS User account, set and used for frappe and erpnext etc. */
 "shallow_clone": true, /* For developers, this is to limit the amount of history your clone will have */

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